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If you are looking for power chuck of Great Rigidity and Infallible Precision, we’re the clear choice for you. Highlighting the above-mentioned characteristics, we’ve developed a wide variety and complete series of collet chuck, Power Chuck, Rotary Cylinder and many other high precision parts to suit customers’ various needs. Presented on this website are the fruits of our constant R&D, whose quality has been proved by SLG, CE safety and ISO9001 quality assurance certifications. Therefore, if you have special needs or inquiries for power chuck, collet chuck, rotary cylinder, Lathe Chuck, and Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder etc., please feel free to contact us at any time, we’ll reply straightaway.

Power Chuck Products Overview

You may already be using an Autogrip Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder or Power Chuck as they are already used by many world famous Machine tool brands in their machines. Backed up by 20 years of focused research into hydraulic cylinders and power chucks; Autogrip gives you a massive range of products for all of your machine requirements.

These products are easily interchangeable with other industry standard brand names, and surpass even the top names in Japan and Europe for:

>>> Guaranteed Precision

>>> Advanced Functions

>>> Great Pricing & Long Service Life

Super short form for weight reduction and increased rigidity, reducing the stress on the structure and allowing for a shorter overall footprint. Reduced weight allows for higher precision movement for great product surface finish.60mm shorter. Reduces weight, cost and material usage. Easier to install due to the significantly reduced weight.

With the compact style RE series hydraulic cylinders you have a range of integrated options to suit all machining conditions. Available with either through spindle coolant channels or air curtain chip flushing, these hydraulic cylinders demonstrate the attention to detail, and rugged reliability of all of Autogrip’s products.

With the unique design of the long jaw non thru-hole power tools and chucks from Autogrip, you have the guaranteed high speed turning accuracy, strength and repeatability that you demand along with world class reliability and durability.

These extra long Jaw Power chucks are available in 2 and 3 jaw models and are easily interchangeable with industry standard models when you need that little bit extra. These chucks allow you grip extra large or irregular geometry work pieces with ease whilst maintaining a powerful grip to guarantee your machining accuracy whether you’re cutting at high speed or performing side milling and drilling functions.

With hydraulic cylinders and power chucks the key is repeatable accuracy, and Autogrip products exceed the tolerances of the best Japanese brands. Careful hand assembly of all components is a key component in delivering the quality you demand.

Individual Hand checking of all components for leaks gives our customers the confidence they need in the long term performance and reliability of our products.

With 20 years of innovation and many years in the tough export market, Autogrip is an established name in many international markets. Autogrip has all of the experience, innovation and wide range of products that you could wish for.


In order to provide you convenient service, we have many points of sale around the world. The headquarter is in Taiwan, and we have over 10 points of sale to provide our products. Our points of sale are in Islamabad, Turkiye, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain and Ljubljana.

In the future, we will keep increasing our points of sale all over the world to become one efficient company with efficient delivery and service.


Though Autogrip had kept developing Power Chuck Series for over 25 years, and due to consistently requirements of higher precision and products with latest high technology nowadays, Autogrip continuously innovates the products in order to provide you the products with:

>>> Rugged reliability and durability

>>> Specific high speed turning accuracy

>>> Superior strength and longevity

>>> Highest quality professional services

It is the goal of Autogrip, to maintain the importance in the market around the world, enhance the power of our relationship with our customers and boost company’s value.

Providing products, which fit current market, for you is our obligation.


For over decades, Autogrip’s products are identified by reliability and economy. Through high-tech strict quality measuring controls procedure has always been fulfilled by Autogrip. Furthermore, we are grateful for our customer’s support and loyalty because of our customers’ supports, we can consistently innovating latest products. We will step forward to make superior quality, high service and benefit better & better that push ourselves to the top brand of the world.

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