Should You Hire A Taxotere Lawyer?

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Taxotere is a drug that is often prescribed to cancer patients. It is commonly used to help treat breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach, head and neck cancer among other similar conditions. If you are a cancer survivor who was prescribed taxotere, you might be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of this drug.

What Is Taxotere?

Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug that is given intravenously. This drug works by preventing cancer cells from dividing and spreading. It is often used as a part of a larger treatment plan and other chemotherapy drugs might be used. Taxotere is commonly prescribed to chemotherapy patients and you should go over your treatment plan in details if you are not sure which drugs were used during your chemotherapy.

Should You Contact A Taxotere Lawyer?

There are side effects associated with Taxotere and the drug manufacturer hid some of these side effects from medical professionals. Doctors and hospitals have prescribed this drug to cancer patients for years without being aware of some of the permanent side effects.

What Are These Permanent Side Effects?

Most cancer survivors who file lawsuits against the Taxotere manufacturer experience permanent hair loss as a result of receiving the drug during chemotherapy sessions. There are other side-effects associated with this drug but they should not be permanent. Some patients have tried things like Rogaine to help to grow back their hair as this is often marketed as a hair regrowth treatment. But, this has not shown to be effective, at least in the studies conducted. You can see the studies here:  While some doctors continue to recommed Rogaine as an attempt to grow back the hair, there is no record of anyone having any success. The groups who took Rogaine sometimes did grow back their hair, but the number of women who did regrow their hair was not statistically more than the group with the placebo.

Why Can You File A Lawsuit Against The Taxotere Manufacturer?

Most medical treatments include side-effects but manufacturers need to properly inform healthcare providers about these side-effects. You can file a lawsuit against the Taxotere manufacturer because this company did not properly warn doctors and hospitals regarding the risk of permanent hair loss in patients. There is another similar chemotherapy drug called Taxol which does not increase your risks of permanent hair loss and healthcare provider would have probably prescribed this alternative to a majority of cancer patients had they known about the permanent side-effects of Taxotere.

How Can You Find A Taxotere Lawyer?

One of the best ways to find a lawyer is to start your search online for attorneys in your area. Laws can be different depending on what part of the country you live in and can even differ from county to county. By contact a local lawyer, you have the best chance of being helped properly. They will know the best options for you in your area and will be best equipped to assist you further if you decide to proceed with a lawsuit. The Taxotere Lawsuit Aid can be a useful resource –

They can tell you where to start looking for your medical records and where to get them from. This can be a little time consuming so be prepared to spend some time on it. Having a lawyer who can tell you where to start will expedite these activities.

There are a few different options available to you if you are a cancer survivor who experienced permanent hair loss after taking Taxotere. You can reach out to a legal firm that has an ongoing class action lawsuit against the Taxotere manufacturer if your case is similar to what other cancer survivors experienced. You can also look for a lawyer or a legal firm with experience in medical cases and work with them to file an individual lawsuit.

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What Should You Do Before Contacting A Lawyer?

You should go over your medical records and gather all the information relevant to Taxotere being a part of your treatment plan. If possible, document your chemotherapy sessions and when Taxotere was used. Go over your medical records and look for documents that mention your permanent hair loss and taxotere. You might need to seek additional medical expertise to document this permanent side-effect.

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You should be able to receive a compensation from the Taxotere manufacturer because this company did not properly warn healthcare providers about the permanent side-effects of this treatment. You should contact a medical lawyer or look for a legal firm with a class action lawsuit against this company if you want to learn more about your options.

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